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future c◆hampions

&●ldquo;The Sic〓kle”, 〓and it carefu〓lly manages its ●players, even prov○iding them with p■hysicians and psycho〓

logists.Ap◆art from club●s themselv■es, the league i◆s also help●ing out. To 〓ensure its sustain●able developmen●t, the KPL h○as been wo●rking with the cl■ubs to nurture tale◆nt, with players as〓signed profes◆sional traini●ng sessions, coach■es and data an

●alysts.“The KP◆L and the clubs◆ are in a win-win s●ituation,&rdquo◆;

of ■the KPL from

said Zhu Bo, Q●Ghappy’s fo■unde

r. “The le●ag

ue is bec●oming a commu●nity of shared○ interests, and i〓ntroducing re◆gulations like● the salary cap is ●benefic

ial.&rd●quo;Apart from ○Tencent, Al●isports, the sp◆orts arm

of e-comm●erce giant◆ Alibaba, has also〓 joined the ●party after lau◆nchin

zero●. At the v

g the Al■isports World● Electroni■c S

ports G◆ames in Mar

ch 2○016, with 1,20○0 events plann〓ed across 15 Chinese○ cities. Another ○Chinese tech gi■ant, NetEase○, is also

try●ing to develop a■n e-sports leag○ue based on its ○own ga

mes.Please ●scan the Q■R Code to f■ollow us on I○nstagramPlease ●scan the Q

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